NYC Terrorism Suspect Zazi Pleads Not Guilty, Terror Expert Weighs In

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The Colorado man at the center of a terror plot will remain behind bars until his trial begins. Najibullah Zazi is accused of trying to turn beauty supplies into bombs. Tuesday, he pleaded not guilty to terror conspiracy charges.

A local terror expert from Colorado Springs says if the allegations against Zazi are true, the terror attack that reportedly involved bombing New York subways could've been big. Joe Ruffini says when al-Qaida attacks again, it will be worse than September 11th.

Counter-terror expert Ruffini says the FBI wouldn't have arrested Zazi if they didn't have a case against him. "I think the best thing for America is for this guy to be found guilty and have another wake-up call that Americans need. September 11th was a wake-up call, but we rolled over and hit the snooze button. No one believes there are sleeper cells here."

Ruffini says it's no surprise there was an accused terrorist living among us. He believes there are still more out there. He reminds all of us to be vigilant about our neighborhoods. If something seems suspicious, call police.

Investigators believe Zazi had accomplices, but so far, the two others arrested in connection with this case were only charged with lying to federal agents. Zazi is scheduled to make his next court appearance in December.