Tougher Water Restrictions for Colorado Springs

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Colorado Springs Utilities officials are recommending the city cut back on watering days and toughen charges for restriction violators. The reason: even though the city is under Stage Two water restrictions, people are not cutting back on water use.

The current restrictions call for a 20% reduction. So far, customers have only reduced by 12%. Local reservoirs are at an overall 34% of capacity, which is less than half their normal levels.

On Tuesday, CSU plans to make the following recommendations to the city council:

  • Limit residential watering to 2 days per week
  • Restrict watering to 3 hours total per day
  • Consider higher charges for water violators

    First-time violators will still get a warning letter. Second-time violators will face a $100 charge---up from $50. Third-time violators would face a $500 charge. Since Stage Two restrictions went into effect, there have been approximately 2,900 first-time violators, 90 two-time violators, and only 6 three-time violators.

    The new watering schedule would be as follows:

  • Even-numbered houses can water on Sunday and Wednesday
  • Odd-numbered houses can water on Saturday and Tuesday

    There are some exceptions for larger landowners and commercial land.

    CSU is also recognizing companies and individuals who are doing their part to save water. Sinton Dairy is considered a Water Champion, for saving 1,000,000 gallons of water a month since the restrictions went into place. General Manager Bill Keating says employees saw ways to cut back, by reducing the amount of water used to cool off machinery.

    Springs Utilities officials say, if your lawn is brown now, there's no sense in trying to get it green again with a lot of water. They suggest watering your lawn once a week so it will go into it's dormancy stage and survive for next year.

    For information on the new water restrictions and how to report a water violation, go to the Colorado Springs Utilities website:

    Colorado Springs Utilities