I-25 Construction Projects

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It's been nearly three years of cone zones on Interstate 25 and Woodman. Although the construction is winding down, it won't be finished until, at the latest, June 20.

Crews still have to overlay asphalt on Woodmen. The project manager says most of that overlay will probably be done during the night, because it will require closing lanes. The north-bound side is virtually complete, but south-bound lanes are still pushed to the side while crews finish repair work and get rid of detour paint.

The project took longer than expected, due to problems with worker pay. Construction crews have built six new bridges and changed the intersection’s configuration, all to reduce congestion.

The I-25 and Woodmen project may be coming to an end, but more construction is on the way. Another $120 million project, set to break ground in December of 2005, is expected be completed four and a half years from now. This one involves widening the I-25 interchange at Bijou, widening I-25 at Fillmore and Garden of the Gods, and replacing the Nevada and Rockrimmon interchange.