Coroner Dispute

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On top of losing her husband unexpectedly, Deanne Funk is now worried that the coroner's office won't release his body for his funeral, all because of a dispute at the office. "Here we are waiting and haven't been able to say goodbye,” says Funk. “I haven't seen him and I'm not sure he'll be at his own funeral.”

On Friday, forensic pathologists at the coroner's office began refusing to do autopsies. They have been working without a contract since January. The Coroner, Dr. David Bowerman, is asking for $65 thousand added to his budget, along with malpractice insurance. However, some commissioners say Dr. Bowerman isn't spending his money wisely. They voted to give him the insurance, but not the extra funds.

Dr. Bowerman confirmed that no autopsies were being done Monday. But,
one woman wants to lay her husband to rest and can't, until an auptosy is complete. “It was one of those things you wait your entire life to find your soulmate, and he was definitely that," says Deanne of her deceased husband.
She remembers her husband fondly. He died unexpectedly on Thursday.

Deanne hasn't stopped crying, and now, on top of her husband's death, she has to deal with the the Coroner’s office. She says the Deputy Coroner's office said the autopsy would be done Friday morning and released to the morgue that afternoon. However, that wasn't the case. The Coroner's office stopped performing autopsies Friday, until an agreement is made with the county.

Meanwhile, an autopsy is still waiting to be done on Jody Lee Balentine, the man involved in an officer involved shooting Thursday. The investigation into that case is on hold until the autopsy is performed.