Police Search For Missing Woman

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She's been missing for more than three months now. Springs Police say Rosario Olea's disappearance is suspicious. They fear she may have been murdered.

She had just moved into apartments on the southeast side of town in early November. "Everything seemed okay," Rosa’s sister-in-law, Patricia Maycott told us. Everything was okay until the night of November 18th when 29-year-old Rosa was last seen alive at her brother's house. "She was supposed to meet people for a birthday party on Sunday and she never showed up."

A week later, her blazer was discovered at Zio's Restaurant, but police say no one inside Zio’s claims they saw her. After finding the SUV, that's when police say, they grew suspicious of Rosa's disappearance. "We just didn't see patterns that this is a woman who'd stage her disappearance," Detective Mike Happ with the Colorado Springs Police Dept. told us.

Rosa's was a mother of a 2-year-old. Her family says she would've never left her son behind. "Is she okay? I get so many ideas what could’ve happened," Maycott said. "Me being the sister-in-law, I'm desperate." Maycott has posted flyers. Rosa Olea is 5-foot-5 with reddish brown hair. Police hope someone recognizes her. "There's someone out there in the community who knows what happened. We want them to come forward," Det. Happ said.

She's been missing for more than three months, but Maycott holds onto the hope that Rosa is still alive. "Everyday, I wake up not knowing how long is it going to take?"

If you know anything about Rosa Olea's disappearance, call crime stoppers at 634-STOP in Colorado Springs.