Morning Homicide

Murder Investigation

Colorado Springs Police are investigating a shooting death after getting a 911 call Sunday morning.

It happened just before 8 a.m. in the 22 hundred block of Whitewood Drive.

Neighbors say it's a quiet neighborhood where their kids can play freely and a murder is the last thing they'd expect. Jennifer Franciose says the sounds that woke her up were unmistakable.

"We just heard a couple shots... quite a few shots... and we woke up and found everything was going on."

A little after 8 a.m., her next door neighbor's house became a crime scene.

Sergeant Tony Eruckson of the Colorad Springs Police Department says they believe the gunfire she heard killed a man inside as others there slept.

"The people that lived in the house heard the shooting, went outside and found the victim in the living room."

The shooter had left into the sunny morning.

Matthew McKinley, another neighbor, says he saw 2 men leave as he looked out his front window. They were the only ones he could see in the street at the time. A lucky thing, he thinks, for the rest of his neighbors who were starting their day.

"This is not 3 in the morning, when everyone is sleeping and nobody saw or heard anything. This could have turned into a real catastrophe."

A single murder is shocking enough, McKinley says, in a neighborhood he's never known to have any trouble.

Police have not officially released a description of who they're looking for as a suspect in this shooting but witnesses say, after they heard the shots, 2 men in their 20's raced away from the house in a small black car with gold trim.