Theater Robbery

The Tinseltown Movie Theaters were robbed Sunday morning.

It happened about 9:20 a.m.when the robber approached the theater's assistant manager as he was entering the front lobby.

Police say the robber was wearing a mask and carrying what looked to be a black semi-automatic handgun.

The robber ordered the manager to take him to the safe where 3 other employees were found tied up.

The robber escaped when police arrived and later carjacked an 88 year-old woman to get away.

the suspect is described as a black male, in his 30's, about 6 feet tall with short, black curly hair, and wearing a green hooded jacket and blue jeans.

His getaway car was a 4-door 1989 Buick Century with Colorado license plate number KBR-6232.

Police are still looking for him.