Fort Carson Homecoming

A home-cooked meal, a warm shower, and a chance to sleep in their own beds. It doesn't sound like much to most people, but they're luxuries to the service men and women who have been fighting abroad.

On Saturday night, another group of Fort Carson soldiers got to live the life of "luxury".

About 400 soldiers from the 3rd BCT and 43rd Area Support Group are now in the loving arms of friends and family.

Hours later, another 200 soldiers landed, bringing in a total of 600 soldiers setting foot on American soil for the first time in a year.

The soldiers had a chance to see old faces and even meet some new ones.

For Diane Riney, the day could not have come any sooner. Her son-in-law, a father a 5, gone for a year, came home to stay.

"We know he was there for a purpose and he believes in the purpose.
We're very happy that he's been there and that he's home safely."

The troops are part of the 10 thousand waiting to redeploy home after a long year in Iraq.