Finders Keepers

About a half a million dollars in stolen property is in the hands of authorities and waiting to go back to rightful owners. On Monday, those who've been robbed can see if any of the stash is theirs.

Property like trailers, motorcycles and ATV's are items that were stolen in one of the largest theft rings in El Paso County history. It's just part of a stash recovered a week ago from a ranch in Midway.

All the stolen items have been catalogued by the El Paso County Sheriff's Office. If the owners are out there, authorities want them to come out and claim it. People, like Herb Barton, are more than ready for the chance.

"I thought for sure, when my stuff got stolen it was out of state... probably out of the country... but then to hear it was down in Midway, it made sense, and that's when I got my hopes up."

As for the he investigation into the theft ring, it's ongoing. At least 6 people are already facing charges and there could be more. There may be even more items to add to the pile, as authourities continue to scour the land where the stolen merchandise turned up a week ago.

The items will be on display Monday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Big items like trucks and trailers will be at 2725 East Las Vegas Boulevard. Smaller things like power tools and stereos are at 305 South Union. If you think you may be able to find missing property, you'll need the police report, proof of ownership, and a decription of the item.