Police Recover Stolen Goods, Arrest Suspect

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Springs Police have recovered thousands of dollars in stolen items, from electronics to construction equipment, and even a car. They found the goods Tuesday, in the possession of Steven Keck, who police arrested on several outstanding warrants. Cops have already returned much of the loot to its rightful owners, including Patrick Holmes. Holmes remembers when he reported his rare, Ner-A-Car motorcycle stolen.

"It was pretty heart breaking," said Holmes. "The bike's worth about $20,000."

Police located the vintage bike and $100,000 in other stolen goods, at 3729 West High Street, along with Keck. Sgt. Kerry Duran of the Colorado Springs Police Department says, when they arrived, Keck tried to run from police, but they caught up with him at a near-by motel.

"It's a triumph," said Duran. "A lot of what we do is a cat and mouse game, and for our cops to catch this guy... it feels good."

Besides the motorcycle, police found construction equipment, an ATV, a welding trailer and loads of copper wiring, as well as items stolen from several RV's. Duran says investigators believe the thefts were indirectly related to Methamphetamine use.

"We believe the property would have been sold to support the habit," said Duran.

Holmes' bike actually helped crack the case, which police say may have involved other suspects. Holmes says he was told one crook had been so intrigued by his bike, he photographed it with his cell phone. He showed the picture to a friend, who told a cop, who told another cop, who had been looking for the bike.

Holmes says it was a string of good police work that led them to his bike, and the rest of the stolen goods.

"I just thank the police so much," said Holmes. "I wish I could do more, they have such a difficult job."

Police say they still have a lot of stolen merchandise, including construction supplies and bicycle parts, that hasn't been claimed. If you think some of it might be yours, Duran says call police at 719-385-2100.