Snow Plow Crews

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There were about 40 trucks out by 5:30 Tuesday night. On major roads, such as Garden of the Gods, snow plows make six passes in one direction just to clear the street. But it's not an easy job.

Snow plow drivers get a call as soon as the storm hits and take to the roads. Driver Carl Strobridge says, "I listen to the weather all the time. I make sure the truck is ready to go with sand."

Strobridge plows snow from midnight until noon, when the p.m. shift plows take over for the next 12-hours. This ensures the city roads are never left unattended.

Even though Strobridge has been in two accidents in his 16 years as a snowplow driver, he still loves his job.

“Adventure. It's the best way to describe it because every storm is different,” says Strobridge. “It keeps me on my toes, and that’s what makes it fun.”

Oftentimes traffic gets too close to road crews, which could cause an accident. So, snow plows ask drivers to give them a break and keep a distance away.