Drivers Face Delays at Cimarron & I-25

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If you've taken Cimarron to I-25 North lately, you may have had a long wait before you could merge onto the highway. The reason for the hold up stems from bridge construction over Bijou. COSMIX officials say if drivers on I-25 would follow 2 simple rules, it would make life a lot easier for those trying to merge off Cimarron.

"Slow down, and move to the left lane," said COSMIX spokesman Bill Badger.

Badger says north-bound traffic had been cutting over into the merge lane, so crews recently extended the concrete merge barriers to improve traffic. But Badger reiterates, it will only work if drivers on I-25 ease to the left and ease up on the gas.

"Another good reason to stick to 45 miles per hour here... it's the law." said Badger. "Drivers should remember they face double fines if they don't, and police are patrolling the area."

Badger says drivers will have to deal with the merge inconvenience through this summer. When construction is finished, he says drivers will benefit from 3 lanes in both directions of I-25, and a much improved interchange.