"Paintless" Dent Repairs

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If you are one of the thousands who recently had hail damage on your vehicle, “paintless” dent repair could be a way to save some money... and get rid of the dents. It's a process that massages the dents to work them out---usually without chipping the paint.

On Monday, we followed 11 news promotions manager, Michelle Hughes, as she took her car in to get an estimate. Here’s how one auto body repair technician describes the procedure. "Your paint is like a plastic coating so you don't have to worry about your paint cracking."
It took about three to five minutes to work out each dent. The technician uses a tool similar to a flathead screwdriver and a rubber mallet---working the dents from the inside out.
Michelle was somewhat surprised when she got the quote for $900. Her insurance company quoted a repair at about $600.

Keep in mind, using “paintless” dent repair isn't the only way to get the dents fixed. A lot of body repair shops still use the “traditional” way--- by heat-shrinking the dents and then repainting the car. That could cost anywhere from $2500 to $3000 to fix the damage on some cars.

The “paintless” dent repair procedure is now available at most repair shops. But it may not work for *all* damage. It's more effective with smaller dents.