"Manic Monday" on Wall Street

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Stock Market analysts call it a Manic Monday.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average made an amazing comeback Monday after plunging as much as 439 points during trading. It finished down only 45 points at 8639. And bargain hunting drove the Nasdaq to a gain of 9 points. It finished at 1382.

So where are investors putting their money? The words these days are *fixed* rate. Instead of worrying about what the stock market will do again, many investors have pulled out all together and jumped onto some very familiar ground.

Jim Moore is a Vice President for ENT Federal Credit Union. He says the numbers don't lie. Investors are shying away from the stock market and looking at lower risk despite the lower yield. That includes, tax-free annuities and CD's. "We have a lot of people buying into fixed annuities as a stable investment vehicle."

The biggest right now--CD's, money markets, t-bonds and savings bonds. One carries insurance. Others are easily accessible just in case you get the jitters.

Of course, not everyone has sold out and left the market. Many investors saw Monday's drop in the Dow as an opportunity to grab some great deals.