Liquor Store Robbed Twice In Three Weeks

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An armed robbery caught on tape; a story you'll see only on 11 News. Clerks at a Colorado Springs liquor store had guns pointed at their faces. The most recent robbery on happened on Thursday.

Just before closing time, a masked man walks into Oddone's Liquor Store. The man with the gun starts waving it around at the two clerks inside, all the while, screaming out orders. “He told me to get behind register, to give him the money. I wanted to get him out of here as fast as I could," Justin Haugen told us. He’s a clerk at the liquor store. "When he walked out the door, he told us not to move or he’d start shooting."

The robber was in and out in just 30 seconds, but that terrifying half-minute felt like eternity to Justin. "That's all you can think about is your family..."

The store had never been robbed before, but now, it's been hit twice in exactly three weeks. The first robbery involved two armed men. You can see the suspect's face when he removed the bandana. Police believe these men are possibly linked to other robberies.

A scare for Justin, but he says he's going to keep working here. "Never think it’s ever going to happen to you; I now have different perspective on life."

Since the robberies, two employees have quit. The liquor store has since changed its operating hours and now, even when they're open, they keep the doors locked until a customer shows up.

If you know anything about the robberies, call crime stoppers at 634-STOP in Colorado Springs.