No-Call List Crackdown

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Colorado's attorney general says he's issued a total of 30 cease-and-desist notices since July 1st to companies that have violated the state's new no-call telephone solicitation law. The majority of the notices were sent to out-of-state businesses.

Attorney General Ken Salazar says most businesses are doing their best to comply -- and only a few appear to be violating the new law that prohibits unsolicited calls and faxes to consumers whose numbers are on the state no-call list.

The cease-and-desist notices advise the businesses that several complaints were made by Colorado residents against them for making unwanted calls or faxes.

Salazar says his consumer protection office continues to review the complaints to determine which companies may be engaged in a pattern of violations.

A total of 3153 consumer complaints were received through last Friday. The most complaints are about telemarketers soliciting the sale of the following goods or services:

  • Consumer loans---686 complaints
  • Travel/timeshares---170 complaints
  • Home improvement---167 complaints
  • Credit card/credit card protection---165 complaints
  • Insurance---95 complaints
  • Bank services---88 complaints
  • Magazine subscriptions---81 complaints
  • Securities/investments---62 complaints

    The vast majority of non-compliant businesses contacted by the Attorney General’s office have indicated an intent to comply immediately with the No-Call law. Lack of information about the law and technical difficulties in conforming their telephone calling lists with the official No-Call list are often cited as the reason for non-compliance.

    There are 707,202 numbers registered on the first quarterly No-Call list. An additional 112,100 telephone numbers have been registered since June 1st.

    For more information on the No-Call list, see the weblink on our Homepage. You’ll find details on how to report a possible violation, or sign up for the No-Call list.