Meth Lab Busts Decrease

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It's been a big problem in El Paso County in recent years, but statistics show now the problem is declining. Dozens of methamphetamine labs are busted every year.

It's one of the more popular drugs on the streets, made from household products. "Meth is so addictive that if you use it once, you're addicted. It’s an evil drug," says an undercover sergeant who works the Metro Vice, Narcotics, and Intelligence unit. He says his team is making progress in the war against meth.

In 2003, 156 labs were busted compared to 21 in 2005. The Sgt. says it's mainly because recent laws taking affect. "It's a lot harder to get Ephedrine and iodine and things like that, where in 2003, Sudafed was over the counter."

But, while meth labs seem to be on the decrease, Metro VNI has a new problem on their hands. "In 2005, we seized 15,000 grams of meth and in 2006, 25000 grams of meth." Even though there's not as much meth being made here in the Springs, it's still finding its way here. Metro VNI says the meth is getting here from drug traffickers, who travel I-25 from Mexico.