Jaguar Kills Denver Zookeeper

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A jaguar at the Denver Zoo attacked and killed a zookeeper Saturday inside the animal's enclosure.

In a news release, the zoo reports the zookeeper was attacked about 11:30 a.m. by a 140-pound, six-year-old male jaguar who has been at the zoo for nearly two years.

Police later confirmed the woman died from her injuries.

Visitors at the zoo were asked to leave the park after the attack, and the zoo has been closed for the day.

The zoo reports the jaguar named Jorge began approaching emergency workers as they tended to the injured zookeeper.

A zoo employee shot and killed the animal.

Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson says police are investigating as a matter of routine.

The zookeeper's name has not been released.

The zoo reports the public was never at risk.

A zoo official said it was not immediately clear if the zoo will re-open tomorrow.