New Pool Technology at the YMCA

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The swimming pool at the downtown Colorado Springs YMCA could be safer for you and your family---thanks to the installation of some new technology.

It's a computer-aided drowning detection system. They call it the “Third Eye” of the lifeguard. You can see the different parts of the pool---all being watched by cameras and computers. So if someone is at the bottom of the pool, it's detected on a monitor and an alarm goes off.

On Wednesday, a lifeguard demonstrated how to use the new Poseidon System. If someone is motionless for 10 seconds at the bottom of the pool, the automated system goes off. "This doesn't replace lifeguards. This is a tool to assist lifeguards, and make them better guards," says Merv Bennett with the YMCA.

The underwater cameras, poolside cameras and computers monitor everything that happens in the pool. Even things the lifeguard may miss. "We still have to lifeguard, still do CPR. It’s just a third eye for us," says lifeguard Rich Laggart.

The YMCA says no one has ever drowned in the pool. They're just making the plunge to make their pools extra safe. "About 400-500 people drown in pools where lifeguards are present," says Joshua Brener of Poseidon Systems.

The YMCA spent $47,000 for the system. And while that sounds expensive, officials say the money is worth it if it saves lives. Three other YMCAs in Colorado Springs will have this same system by the summer.