FBI: Bomb-making Notes in Zazi's Handwriting

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Three men are facing charges in connection to a terror investigation, they’re expected in Federal Court Monday. Federal officials say more arrests are possible.

The three arrests are the culmination of what federal agents are calling a fast-paced investigation into a possible bomb plot on U.S. soil. Two of the three men arrested are from Colorado, the third lives in New York.

According to the department of justice, Najibullah Zazi, who's been the main focus of the FBI investigation in Denver, reportedly told the FBI that during his 2008 trip to Pakistan, he attended courses on weapons and explosives at an al-Qaida training facility.

Saturday night, FBI agents swarmed the Aurora apartment of 24-year-old Najibullah Zazi, his father, 53-year old Mohammed Wali Zazi was also taken into custody. Both were arrested for allegedly making false statements to federal agents. A third man, Ahmad Afzali, out of New York was also arrested.

Zazi has repeatedly denied to reporters any ties to terrorism.

Investigators say the 24-year-old rented a car around September 10th and drove from Denver to New York. The FBI listened in on phone conversations during that trip. And they searched Zazi's rental car and found a laptop. On the computer, there were images of nine pages of handwritten notes, including instructions on how to build explosives. The FBI said, Sunday, the notes were written in Zazi’s own writing.

The Justice Department says it does not have specific information about the timing, location or target of any planned attack.

"One thing about al-Qaida, they've never lied to us,” said Counter-Terror Expert Joe Ruffini. “According to the al-Qaida doctrine, the next attack has to make 9-11 pale in comparison."

Ruffini, a retired Lt. Col., is the author of When Terror Comes to Main Street. "I would be very surprised if there weren't more sleeper cells in Denver and some even here in Colorado Springs," said Ruffini. "You have to understand Colorado is a state of interest."

Ruffini says that about Colorado because of all the military ties in southern Colorado and because there are quite a few federal offices in Denver.

All three of the men arrested are from Afghanistan, they are in the U.S. legally. Federal agents say they are still following several others in the U.S. and Pakistan.

To better understand this federal investigation, click on the gray icons above this story to read the arrest affidavits for all three terror suspects.

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