Intelligence Official: Zazi Indicates He Has Al-Qaida Ties

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A senior U.S. intelligence official says a man under investigation in a terrorism probe in New York and Denver has indicated he is associated with al-Qaida and played a key role in a planned terror attack.

Najibullah Zazi's attorney says he has never met with al-Qaida operatives and isn't involved in terrorism. Zazi completed a third day of questioning by FBI agents in Denver Friday but was not under arrest. More questioning was expected Saturday.

The intelligence official in Washington told The Associated Press Friday that Zazi has indicated that he is directly linked with al-Qaida. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the official said Zazi played a crucial role in an intended terrorist attack but that it was not clear what the targets were.

The official went on to say that the plot was being directed from outside the United States.

Zazi has undergone hours of questioning this week, and his apartment and his uncle and aunt's home in Aurora have been searched.

Authorities have not said what they found and have made no public statements on the investigation.

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