Case Closed?

Murder Investigation

It was late that night in October when Robert Vigil's life came to a sudden and violent end.

A single shot from a murderer's gun killed the 35 year-old as he biked home from work.

Lieutenant Rafael Cintron says, at the time, police didn't know where to start.

"We didn't have any leads on that case. No witnesses. We couldn't identify anybody involved."

Three months later, police caught 4 suspects for a string of liquor store robberies and find they have something in common with Vigil's murder.

"Those individuals were interviewed and we believe we've identified the shooter of Robert Vigil."

They think it's Tecarra Graham, a 22 year-old man stationed at Fort Carson.

Police identified Graham as they talked with his brothers who they think helped with the liquor store robberies. It's a lucky break, they say, for a case they thought had gone cold.

"It was going to be a tough homicide to solve so we feel very fortunate to get the arrest."

Police say there's a chance Graham's brothers may also be involved with Vigil's murder... a matter that's still under investigation. They also add they expect to make more arrests in the liquor store robberies.