Kobe Bryant in Court

Kobe Bryant is back in a Colorado court Friday as his defense team tries to use the rape accuser's medical history against her.

The superstar guard of the Los Angeles Lakers is facing a charge of
felony sexual assault, stemming from a June 30th incident at the posh
Cordillera resort west of Vail.

Bryant's defense team hopes to prove the 19 year old accuser gave up her privacy when she discussed her medical history with others besides her doctor. The attorneys are expected to use some of those people the alleged victim talked with, as witnesses, including her mother.
Bryant admits to having sex with the woman, but maintains it was consensual. His legal team has already filed a series of court motions arguing that the credibility of the accuser is suspect and pertinent to the case.

Judge Terry Ruckriegle, in a court filing Wednesday decided to close the courtroom during discussions of the woman's personal history. He says the personal nature of the evidence, and the fact that it would be widely disseminated by the media played into his decision.

Also, for the first time, the issue of race was brought into the case. Defense attorney Pamela Mackey suggested during the hearing that Bryant may have been falsely accused of rape because he is black. But, she then urged the court not to focus on any "political agenda."

The hearing also centered around T-shirts, mocking Bryant being purchased by members of law enforcement. The defense says ordering one of the shirts may be grounds for a bias.

Twenty four year old Bryant faces four years, to life in prison if convicted of the assault.