Cardinals Manager Involved in Runway Accident

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St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa says being involved in a small plane accident was no big deal. In fact, he says losing a lead in the bottom of the ninth is more nerve-racking than what he went through early Wednesday morning in Pueblo.

Officials say LaRussa was flying home to California after a Tuesday night banquet in St. Louis when the corporate jet landed in Pueblo for a fuel stop. Two pilots and two other people were also on board.

On Thursday morning, a crane company from Denver pulled the Falcon 20 jet out of the mud. Investigators from the Federal Aviation Administration were at the airport on Wednesday, and released the following day. Firefighters were on hand in case there was a fuel leak. While there’s no real visual damage, inspectors will decide if the plane is a total loss.

Preliminary reports point to break failure. "It had trouble with its breaking mechanism - only one side activated and caused the aircraft to go into a spin," says Pueblo Airport Manager Jerry Brienza.

That, combined with the snowy weather and icy conditions, caused the aircraft to go into a spin and land about 100 feet off the north side of Runway 8 Left.

Tony LaRussa spent the night in Southern Colorado then flew home Wednesday on a similar private jet.

There were no injuries.