Obesity Rate

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Colorado's obesity rate is the lowest in the country, but it's plumping up.

The rate has grown from eight-point-four percent in 1991 to 16-point-five percent in 2002.

The highest obesity rate is in West Virginia, where it's 27-point-six percent. The rest of the Southern states are close behind.

The C-D-C's Ali Mokdad attributes Colorado's low obesity rate to
several factors.

He says the great weather keeps Coloradans outdoors exercising. The state's mountains, parks and rivers attracts athletes who love to ski, climb and run.

And Coloradans have the money to spend on organic foods and health-club memberships.

But Mokdad warns Colorado isn't immune from factors making the obesity rate rise everywhere. Machines do the heavy chores that used to keep us moving. Food is coming in supersized portions. And many Americans don't exercise.