Arrest in Colorado Springs' First Homicide

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"For this to happen, when it happened, I see no sense of it. Just a waste of life." A close family friend talks about the murder of Brett Vaughn. He was gunned down in an alley off Platte Avenue in Colorado Springs on Monday afternoon.

Since the shooting, police have been looking for 25-year old Bernard Gilligan. A SWAT team finally caught him early Friday morning after staking out a hotel. Police say Gilligan surrendered quickly without a fight. He is being charged with first-degree murder and a crime of violence. The arrest happened before dawn at the Peakview Motel on North Nevada. Inside the room, police recovered a handgun and a shotgun.

Police also made four other arrests Thursday night in connection with the murder. Jesse Galvin, Douglas Cimino, Andrea Wilcox and Madeline Vaught were all taken into custody. They'll be charged with accessory to first-degree murder. Police say some of them were present at the time of the murder. "They gave authorities false information about the whereabouts of Mr. Gilligan, which slowed our investigation and allowed Gilligan to be at large for as long as he did," said Colorado Springs Police Lt. Rafael Cintron.

Police are still investigating the motive for the murder. The victim, 24-year-old Brett Vaughn, was a life-long resident of Colorado Springs. KKTV talked with a friend who considered him a part of her family.

Pat Graves has known Brett Vaughn for several years. He even lived at her home for a while. She's devastated, and sees this as a senseless crime. "He had a smile I'd pay a million dollars to see more time. He just had one of those smiles."

This is the Brett Vaughn Graves remembers: A young man full of life who dated her daughter for several years. They were even engaged for a time. "He was part of my family. He's still part of my family."

Sadly, this image will also stay with her. After a series of gunshots on Monday afternoon, Brett Vaughn was found dead in an alley behind East Platte Avenue. Police say a heated argument led to the fatal shooting. "I just think it's a terrible waste of a 24- year-old's life. And he had everything going for him. He was very intelligent. He was a good musician. He was a good person," says Graves.

Graves says Vaughn had been in trouble in the past, but she believes he was doing much better. She says he was trying to straighten out his life and move forward. Graves also says Vaughn will be missed, especially by his younger brother. "He was loved by all. He was a leader, not a follower. Everybody always loved him."

Graves is planning to set up a foundation in memory of Brett Vaughn.