It's Pothole Season

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It's that time of year again---potholes are popping up on a lot of streets.

Last year, the Colorado Springs City Streets Division received reports of 706 potholes. Crews patched up 657 of them. Now they're tackling another crop of craters.

In Pueblo, drivers also have to contend with cracks in the roads. Street crews call them “expansion” cracks. The asphalt expands when it’s warm outside and contracts when the temperatures drop. That activity causes cracks in the road. Road crews temporarily fix the cracks by patching the area. And eventually, new asphalt is laid.

The superintendent of Pueblo's streets department says cracks and potholes are unavoidable. But the city does take preventative measures to keep the streets looking as good as possible.

The city of Colorado Springs does have a special “pothole hotline,” where you can report bad problems: 385-6808