I-25 and Woodmen Road Update

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Just this week, there have been at least six accidents in and around I-25 and Woodmen Road. Three of those wrecks involved more than two cars. And most of the crashes are during the morning rush hour on the southbound lanes, as drivers approach the cone zone.

There was a bad pile-up Monday---a station wagon wedged underneath a garbage truck. Police say 8 to 10 vehicles were involved in this chain reaction accident when drivers hit their brakes. "It was spontaneous on how quick it was---Probably three or four seconds and it was there." Roger Wallace was caught in that wreck, and he blames the on-going construction on 1-25 and Woodmen for the pile-up.

Other drivers we talked to say they have concerns about the concrete barriers in the construction area. Some say they block visibility. But traffic officers say construction is a problem. But they say drivers who don’t obey the speed limit are an even bigger problem. It's posted at 45 miles per hour through the cone zone, though some people may not notice. "Some of them are inattentive---on cell phones---putting on makeup--- not paying attention to what's in front of them," says Sgt. Larry Morgan with the Colorado Springs Police Department Traffic Division.

Police are planning more enforcement in the area to slow traffic down. And there is light at the end of the construction tunnel. The northbound lanes of 1-25 around Woodmen should be back to normal by next Wednesday. And the entire project is expected to be complete by July.

But you will run into more traffic delays this week. On Thursday, between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., westbound Woodmen Road will be reduced to one lane from the entrance to Home Depot to Corporatate Center Drive for striping operations.