Help for Wounded Troops

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The family of any Fort Carson soldier who is hurt or killed in combat can get local help quickly and easily. That’s thanks to the ‘Wounded Troops Fund’ and extension of the ‘Home Front Care’.

KKTV is partners with the group along with the Better Business Bureau and The Chamber of Commerce. The ‘Wounded Troops Fund’ is just one way; the community is reaching out to families whose loved ones are making huge sacrifices.

Private First Class Phillip Bauer, a member of the 3rd ACR was seriously injured in a helicopter crash in Iraq a few months ago.

Thanks to the community’s generosity arrangements were made so Bauer’s wife could be with him and their children were taken care of back here in Colorado Springs. “He suffered from burns, his foot was amputated.”

To take the load off the Bauer family, The Wounded Troop fund paid for a hefty phone bill because of calls related to Bauer’s travel. “She said I don’t have the money to pay that phone bill, can you help us and we did to the tune of $189.30.”

Joe Henjum who co-chairs The Homefront Cares says the wounded troop fund came about to address those kinds of needs. “General Wilson of Fort Carson came to us one day and said, we need to help the families back here.”

Henjum says local companies have been generous with their donations to the fund but the war on terrorism continues.

If you would like to donate to the wounded troops fund – just call The Operation Deep Discount hotline at 447-3838.