Dog Mauling Case

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The Elbert County woman whose pit bulls killed a woman in November is asking a judge to throw out a previous ticket she got alleging that her dog attacked a jogger.

Jacqueline McCuen's attorney says she was cited under a county
resolution which isn't legally enforceable.

McCuen is facing a misdemeanor charge of failing to control a
vicious dog after two of her pit bulls attacked Diana Nichols in
April. McCuen's attorney Michael Andre says the citation can't be
enforced. County Judge Kevin Sidel gave prosecutors a month to
reply and scheduled the hearing to resume next month.

McCuen and her husband William Gladney owned three pit bulls
that attacked and killed Jennifer Brooke on Nov. 30. Charges
haven't been filed in that case yet, but Andre says he's expecting
a felony charge of negligent homicide.

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Dog Attack Statistics

  • 4.7 million dog bites are reported in the U.S. annually

  • 800,000 dog bites require medical attention each year

  • Reported dog bites have increased 37 percent since 1990

  • For every dog bite fatality, there are 670 hospitalizations

  • Children are the most frequent victims

  • Children are most frequently bitten in the face and neck area

  • Boys ages five to nine are bitten most frequently

  • 334,000 dog bites require emergency room visits

  • Dog attacks cost society about $1 billion each year

  • Insurance companies pay about $250 million each year in dog bite case claims

  • State Farm Insurance alone processes more than 14,000 dog bite claims each year

  • More than 7,000 U.S. Postal carriers report being bit by a dog each year

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