Cadet Leaves

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A junior Air Force Academy cadet has left the school after being found guilty of giving beer to underagecadets.

The academy's superintendent -- Lieutenant General John Rosa Junior -- has recommended that David Ryan Urton of Central Point, Oregon, be kicked out of the academy, and be made to serve two years as an enlisted person.

The final decision will be up to Air Force Secretary James Roche, who could order Urton to pay about 100-thousand dollars in education costs.

Urton was accused of taking beer to a party where two underage cadets drank alcohol. His lawyer says prosecutors didn't prove that
they drank Urton's alcohol.

Urton's father says people should be accountable for their mistakes, but he feels his son's punishment is a high price to pay.

Academy spokesman Johnny Whitaker says Urton violated an academy
policy that's punishable by a recommendation for disenrollment.

The policy was put in place last fall after an Air Force finding that 40 percent of the academy's sexual assault cases since 1993 involved alcohol.