Injured Fort Carson Soldier

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An injured Fort Carson soldier is back in the United States. Specialist Tommy Luke was with an artillery unit in western Iraq when he was injured on Christmas Eve.

From his bed at Evans Army Hospital at Fort Carson, he spoke exclusively with our own Cris Ornelas. He suffered a broken pelvis and leg, but he says he feels good and he's expected to make a full recovery.

Specialist Luke was manning a gun on a Humvee when the vehicle rolled. "We had a blowout in a Humvee and the Humvee rolled over on top of me and it crushed my pelvis and my fibula," he says.

His wife Maria got the news on Christmas Day. "I was scared---I think the worst. I thought I got bad news. I thought my husband was dead.” Maria now has mixed emotions. She's happy to have her husband home but hates to see him like this.

Luke, on the other hand, wanted to stay and finish his mission. "I wanted to stay over there I was even telling them on the Medevac helicopter, I was like, ‘Don’t send me back.’"

As he recovers, Specialist Luke reflects on his time in Iraq. "It’s another world---Iraq is another world. I just feel sorry for the people over there." And he has a message for all Americans. "I want them to know that over here in the United States---don’t take things for granted. They don’t know how well they have it."

Luke says his feelings toward the war changed when his bunkmate and fellow Fort Carson soldier Darius Jennings was killed. "I wanted to capture Sadaam Hussien ten times more---let me put it that way." And as the mission in Iraq continues, Specialist Luke says he feels the way most of the soldiers in Iraq feel. "I'm just doing my job. I'm a United States soldier."

Specialist Luke and his wife are looking forward to the birth of their first child in July.