Humpty Dumpty Sighting?

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Back in July, someone stole a 200-pound Humpty Dumpty statue from the corner of Bijou and Tejon. It was one of 19 “Art on the Streets” pieces on display in the downtown area. And over the past five years, 3 of the pieces were stolen---including Humpty Dumpty.

A KKTV viewer spotted a photo of another almost-identical statue on the web. That statue sits in downtown Mesa, Arizona and sports a hat and shirt from Southwest Ambulance, a local EMT service in the Phoenix area. This Humpty Dumpty is also part of a downtown art project.

We called Colorado Springs Police and they checked it out. It turns out the artist made more than one Humpty Dumpty---so this one isn't ours!

Police are still looking for our guy. If you have any information., call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP in Colorado Springs or 542-STOP in Pueblo.