Streets Crews Busy

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A tow truck hauls away a victim of the snow-packed roads--a car that spun into a curb on Delmonico early Monday morning, even after the street had been plowed. It's a sight that's all too common in Colorado Springs this time of year.

As the snow begins to fall and the roads ice quickly ice up, snow removal crews immediately head out to clear the busiest roads. But sometimes what's leftover creates even bigger problems for drivers.

In some Colorado Springs neighborhoods, patches of asphalt are beginning to appear where snow removal crews already came through. But as the sun goes down, some of those areas ice up again.

Drivers we talked to had differing opinions about the snow plow crews’ efforts:
"As far as I'm concerned, I think the roads are pretty safe and I drive a Mustang," says Steven Pennington of Colorado Springs. Others wouldn't mind a little more attention. "I've seen a few people spin out, and I think if the road were more sanded that might solve some of the problem," says John LaPorte.

Since the snow started flying over the weekend, city plows have been on the job---clearing main traffic arteries first and then moving down the line from there. "Our philosophy is simple: we need to get traffic flowing, need to get them into the city," says Randy Zettlemoyer with the city's streets division. He says there's a lot of ground to cover--nearly 1,600 miles of roads within Colorado Springs. And so far, he's pleased with the cleanup effort.

Zettlemoyer says requests for plow service are relatively low and so are the number of complaints to his office. “We try to reassure them that we will respond--we will be there--- and we hope to get them the service their requesting."

The work that's being done by the plows now is mainly service calls and spot cleanups. This week, street crews will put down more anti-skid material, which is supposed to work with the sun to melt through this snow pack.

Keep in mind---it's still very cold, which will make the water on these streets freeze over again. The standard advice still applies: go easy on the speed, leave plenty of time for the commute.

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