Tighter Security for New Year's Celebrations

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Law enforcement agencies across the state are worrying about drunken drivers as much as terrorism this New Year's Eve, maybe even more.

Heavy security measures are expected to be obvious in some of cities, with armed helicopters and bomb-sniffing dogs in plain sight, but Colorado law enforcement agencies say a more low-key security effort is planned.

Colorado Springs Police have no "announced" plans for beefing up security in the downtown area, despite this year's inaugural Glitter Ball, which is expected to bring more people to the area.

In many counties, police will step up DUI patrols and undercover officers will watch for underage drinking, but the terrorism alert hasn't changed plans.

In Denver, many off-duty officers will work to ensure celebrations don't get out of hand.

In Vail, officials again set a curfew for people under age 18 unless they're accompanied by a parent or guardian; that's to avoid the near riots that have plagued the town in recent years.