Kids' Resolutions for 2004

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Once the ball drops and it's officially 2004, many of us start our New Year’s resolutions. Within days, and even hours, many of those promises are broken.

But what about resolutions made by the young and innocent? Even little kids have goals to better themselves this year. We talked to some area four to six-year-olds about their resolutions for 2004.

First, most of them didn’t know what a resolution means. We informed them, it’s what you’d like to do to be a better person. With that information, here’s what they had to say:

  • ”Be nice to my brother.”
  • ”Doing good and do what my mom and dad says me to do.”
  • ”Clean my bed.”
  • ”I'm going to be nice to my friends.”
  • ”Play games.”
  • ”I want to help my mom.”

And for little one boy, his resolution involves his pet hamster:

  • ”Feed him, make sure he rolls a lot in his ball and I have to play with him more.”