Painting a War

Her wrinkled hands paint straight from her heart which Irma Bracken creates paintings, honoring the men and women in Iraq.

"I've seen a man injured with a wooden leg and missing arm and wanted to give them gifts," says the 78 year-old.

For the past 40 years, Irma has put her hands to the canvas, painting all sorts of pictures. But now, she spends her time capturing the trials and triumphs of soldiers.

Her talent and inspiration helped her paint her way into the White House and managed to get one of her masterpieces to the President while he was in Colorado Springs. "The next week, I got a call from the White House secretary who called to say thank you and then I got a postcard from President Bush ... real excited about that ... that he actually got the painting."

And so she continues to dab her brush. Each stroke filled with hopes to add some color to the drabness of war. "I had this feeling that I was meant to do this ... to help the young families so they have something to give to their husbands when they come home. They're wonderful people. I'm glad I thought of doing something like this for them."

If you're interested in one of Irma's paintings you can call (719)473-0187.