Smoking Ban

Authorities in Pueblo are cracking down on people violating the city's smoking ban.

Last week, they issued 26 tickets to bar owners, bartenders, and patrons. They're the first citations to be handed out since the ban went into effect in May.

Jim Young, a bartender isn't too happy about it.

"It's killing us. My business is down 50 percent."

He says his revenue is suffering because people can't smoke in his bar or any others within Pueblo city limits.

"I can understand not being able to go to a restaurant and getting peace and quiet but a bar is ridiculous!"

But most pueblo voters don't think it's so ridiculous ... the ban passing in November's elections.

Still, lighting up continues to be a heated debate. In fact, Young recently got a ticket from the health department for failing to follow the rules.

"They come in and cited me for having ashtrays but they didn't cite customers. I got a $50 ticket for ashtrays!"

He says he won't pay the ticket and will fight it in court. To him, it's unfair and he continues to fight as other bars and restaurants close down business.