Bargain-Hunters Hit the Malls

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It was Round 2 for shoppers on Friday.

Now that the gifts are unwrapped, hundreds of bargain-hunters were back at the malls and stores early Friday. Their mission: to take advantage of the post-Christmas sales!
Many retailers offered deep discounts on the day after the holiday---especially on holiday items.

Store managers are hoping this second wave of shopping is good. Shoppers were a little slow in getting started this season. But they hit the stores hard in the final days before Christmas.

Many happy returns!

Consumer advocates say, make sure you understand each store's return policy. They often differ from store-to-store, and even from item-to-item. Nearly every retailer will require a sales receipt or gift receipt for any returned item.

Many stores will offer 90-day refund periods for most items, but only 30-day periods for electronics.

The Better Business Bureau says stores often implement return policies as good customer service. “Stores are not obligated to give you a refund on a purchase unless there's a faulty item or it's misrepresented in some way," says Jenna Davis with the Colorado Springs Better Business Bureau.

You should also be aware of return policies with online retailers, like They can drastically differ as well.