Child Abduction Prevention

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The White House is reacting to several recent highly-publicized kidnappings in the United States. President Bush promised the government will do "everything in our power" to protect America's kids. On Tuesday, he announced a White House forum next month on missing, exploited and runaway children.

Our nation has come to know the names and faces of too many wonderful children because they have been the victims of despicable acts of violence. Children like Danielle van Damm and Samantha Runnion. But in our sorrow, we are reminded of the incredible ability of all Americans to support one another in times of need and in times of crisis.

You should teach your children how to say "no" and how to trust their instincts. For example, children should know that unfamiliar adults usually would not ask them for directions or help, such a request might be a trick to get their attention and of course to lure them away from safety.

The Justice Department has prepared a pamphlet with advice for parents and children. The Education Department will oversee its distribution as kids return to school. The pamphlet is also available online at the following website:

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children