Christmas Eve Giveaway

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Twenty years ago, Bob Telmosse decided he wanted to help the less fortunate during the holiday season. He started an annual Christmas Eve Giveaway of food, clothing and toys. However, Telmosse has fallen into poor health, but now other people are continuing his mission!

Outside the Southern Colorado Expo Center, hundreds of people were waiting in line by 10 a.m. Wednesday for their chance to shop. People at the front of the line say, they arrived at 3 a.m. so they could have first choice of the clothes, toys and gifts.

This is how it works: People are invited inside for cookies, juice and coffee. They're asked to fill out a form. Family by family, they go shopping. Then after making their selections, they get a Christmas food basket for their dinner.

And those who’ve turned out for the Giveaway say this tradition is invaluable. Otherwise, they simply have nothing for Christmas. Here’s what one person said about it: “I'm gonna get a couple of things for my mom and dad. They just haven't had much money this year. They're having a hard time.

Both the volunteers who helped carry out this mission, and those who sought help had a same wish. They all hope the Giveaway’s founder, Bob Telmosse, feels better soon. And they're thankful the giveaway is still going strong.