Annual Christmas Eve Giveaway

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He's just kind of known as the Santa Claus of Colorado Springs. But when poor health sidelined Bob Telmosse, volunteers joined forces to handle his 20th Annual Christmas Eve giveaway.

On Tuesday, volunteers were at the Southern Colorado Expo Center---getting everything sorted for the big giveaway. On Wednesday morning, the building will host thousands of less fortunate people who are looking for a brighter Christmas. "It's good to help out there are people that need the help more than I do," said one volunteer.

This event is expected to help more than 4,000 people. About 2,500 pounds of chicken and four pallets of turkeys will be given out. Plus, there’s hundreds of toys and plenty of clothes. And it's all done with donations. One donor brought in $2,000 and that was used to buy a truckload of toys.

And as the preparations continued through the day, the donations just kept rolling in. "We brought some hams and some food. We just hope that goes to the needy," said one person who was dropping off a donation.

The Colorado Springs Rescue Mission has taken over most of the organizing functions, while Bob Telmosse battles a rare disease. "A couple of years ago when I wasn't able to do this Ii thought it was gonna stop," he said.

Telmosse hopes to beat the disease and keep on helping the people of Southern Colorado.
"Sometime in February or so I'll be doing my bone marrow and stem cell transplant--the last hurdle to try and kill this disease," he said.

If you would like to receive food or items from the Christmas Eve Giveaway:

  • 10 a.m. Wednesday, Dec 24th
  • Southern Colorado Expo Center
  • 1801 N. Union