Kobe Bryant-Back in Court

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The judge in the Kobe Bryant case wants defense attorneys to tell him why they need access to the medical history of the woman accusing the NBA star of rape.

State District Judge Terry Ruckriegle sent all witnesses home from Friday's hearing and met privately with the defense. The judge asked attorneys on both sides to spell out in briefs whether the medical history should be allowed.

A great deal hinges on the outcome of the move to chambers to hear arguments. The defense wants to use the woman's medical history to suggest she has mental problems that could have clouded her perception of what happened between her and Bryant.

Bryant has insisted the two had consensual sex in a Colorado hotel room last June. Prosecutors and attorneys for the woman argue that her medical records and past are private and should stay that way.

  • Media Leaks

    Kobe Bryant's trial judge has rejected a prosecution request for an investigation into media leaks in his sexual assault case.

    The decision came as a hearing began Friday on whether the defense will be able to use the alleged victim's medical history against her.

    State District Judge Terry Ruckriegle says trying to find out whether anyone involved in the high-profile case was giving sealed details to reporters would be a waste of time.

    The T-Shirts

    An embarrassing admission from the Colorado prosecutor in the Kobe Bryant sexual assault case. Eagle County District Attorney Mark Hurlbert now says that someone in his office did order T-shirts that mock Bryant.

    One of the shirts has the words: "I'm not a rapist; I'm just a cheater."

    Hurlbert says he and fellow prosecutor Greg Crittenden were each given one of the shirts by "an unknown source." Hurlbert says the shirts were ordered by "office support staff." His office had earlier denied involvement in ordering the shirts.

    Defense attorney Pamela Mackey says the shirts are inflammatory and derogatory -- and that they have been characterized as being racist. Hurlbert says the shirts are a "peripheral issue."

    More than one-third of people responding to a new poll say Kobe Bryant probably did NOT rape a young Eagle woman last

    Thirty-five percent of respondents to the poll say they believe Bryant likely is innocent, compared with 22 percent who believe he's guilty.

    Forty-one percent say they haven't decided, and two percent didn't answer. There was virtually no difference in responses between men and women.

    Public Opinion Strategies of Denver conducted the poll for the Rocky Mountain News and KCNC T-V.

    The statewide poll surveyed 400 residents Monday and Tuesday. It has a margin of error of plus or minus four-point-nine percentage points.