Return Policies

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When you're out holiday shopping, keep in mind that as much as you may think you're finding the perfect gifts, the recipients may not love their presents and may want to take things back.

Edgar Dworsky, a Boston-based consumer advocate and the founder
of ConsumerWorld-dot-org, says shoppers should pay attention to
return policies. He says they're getting more complicated and more

Best Buy, for example, requires computers to be returned within 14 days, and other items have a 15 percent restocking fee.
Amazon-dot-com and Buy-dot-com won't take back T-V's that are 27
inches or larger. And Dworsky says this one really shocked him: If
you someone buys you a digital camera from OfficeMax and you open
the box -- it's yours. No money back, no credit, no even exchange,

Now, there are some stores that have relaxed their return rules. For example, Circuit City used to charge restocking fees but dropped them.