Changes Could Bring Confusion at Humane Society

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The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region is about to undergo a big change, and the executive director is concerned it could create a lot of confusion.

Beginning Jan. 1, the Colorado Springs facility will be shared by the Colorado Humane Society, which is based in Lakewood. That is a non-profit that will handle animal service calls within the city limits. The Pikes Peak unit will continue to handle calls in El Paso County. Basically, two agencies will share one building. So, where you live will determine which agency you need.

And it also determines which door you go through at the shelter. If you live in the city, you'll go in one door, and if you live in the county you'll go in another. That’s also sure to cause confusion.

According to the Pikes Peak Humane Society’s executive director, there will be areas of the shelter where city animals will be housed and areas of the shelter where all other animals will be housed. The worry is that the public won’t like the new, more complicated system. "Confusion usually leads to dissatisfaction," says Dr. Wes Metzler.

The changes were set into motion when the city asked the Pikes Peak Humane Society to cut it’s budget by 30 percent. Metzler didn't feel they could provide the same service for 30-percent less, so the contract went to the lowest bidder.

And Metzler rejects the idea that he's bringing up potential problems because of bitterness about losing the contract. "I don't see any sour grapes attitude towards it. Are we disappointed not to have the contract? Sure, because it's gonna be more difficult to work under these circumstances," says Metzler.

We spoke by phone to the Colorado Humane Society in Lakewood. They agree, two agencies in the same building could be problematic. But they say they look forward to meeting the challenge.