Utilities Bill Questions

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You might be scratching your head when you open your utility bill in the next few days. Some Colorado Springs Utilities customers say their bills are more than twice as expensive as they were last month.

This is one of those lasting effects from the late December storms that hit southern Colorado. Some bills that came in December didn't reflect actual usage, as a result of CSU coping with the weather.

We called it Holiday Blizzard '06. It stranded drivers, closed businesses and forced most residents to just stay inside.

"Because of the blizzard, we were enjoying the warmth of our fire a lot,” said Colorado Springs resident Katie Poulson.

Katie’s family buys natural gas from Springs Utilities. Her most recent bill shows they'll pay for a lot more than they expected.

"I was shocked," said Katie, when she saw the bottom line is about twice as much as what showed up on the December bill.

"I expected it to be higher than it was last month, but not as much as what it was," Katie said.

The blizzard hit Springs Utilities, too, keeping meter readers for some neighborhoods in-doors for their own safety, which left CSU to estimate, in some cases under-estimate, how much power, water and gas customers were using. The estimation was noted in some December bills.

Now that the meters are read, what wasn't paid for in December is showing up.

"I will be paying attention to my bill a lot closer from now on because of that," she said, going on to say the next time a storm moves in, she'll head for the blankets, instead of the thermostat.

After having a few questions answered, Katie reports CSU will flex with this situation and work with her to split up the one large payment into two smaller ones.

Springs Utilities representatives tell 11 News they are working diligently to clear up any confusion and frustration.