Baby Suffocates In Bed With Parents

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A one month old baby boy is accidentally suffocated while sleeping with his parents in their bed.

The El Paso County coroner says Xavier Salazar died of asphyxia due to over-lay, which means someone accidentally laid on top of him.

Many doctors say it's a tragic situation that could happen to any parent.

Doctors say many parents will sometimes allow their newborns to sleep with them in bed at night.

But doctors say that's never a good idea considering how easy it is to accidentally hurt a newborn baby.

Authorities say a number of things could go wrong by innocently allowing your precious little baby to sleep side by side with you.

All the parents we spoke with say they've done it at least once.

Colorado Springs Parent Wanda Seymour says, "I've slept with all three of my kids as infants and it was a fear of mine."

"I think it makes every parent think you know even though it was an accident," says Colorado Springs Parent Aaron Boyer.

Xavier's aunt and parents told 11 News they can't even begin to describe the horror and pain they're going through.

They say, they're still in shock and may never get over losing little Xavier.

Seymour says, "I really feel so sad for them it's horrible."

Xavier's family is hoping their devastating story will help save at least one child's life.

Boyer says, "It makes me quite nervous. We watch out everything we do."

And doctors say you can never remind parents enough about the dangers of having newborns sleep next to their moms and dads.

Doctor Maggie Lueg says, "You think you're gonna stay awake but you're a new mom you're not going to stay awake forever and so we do recommend that you know all infants are put in their own sleep area."

Xavier's parents are in the middle of funeral arrangements.

They say services will be open to the public.