Councilman Focus of Criminal Investigation

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There is new information on the criminal investigation involving Colorado Springs city council member Charles Wingate. Police say they're looking at possible criminal activity he may have committed involving a city credit card.

If police find the allegations are true... Charles Wingate could face serious legal trouble---on top of all of his personal financial problems.

The allegations against city councilman Charles Wingate are so serious, he could be kicked off council... or even face jail time. Right now... police are gathering evidence in the investigation.

11 News has learned, Councilman Wingate took a trip to represent Colorado Springs utilities in Dallas, Texas. While on that trip, he obtained a Springs utilities credit card number that was on one of his receipts. Now, police are looking to see if he used that credit card number. to have pizzas delivered to his home on several occasions over the past three months... costing at least $200 to $300.

In his defense, Wingate told 11 News he did not use the credit card number to purchase pizzas. He admits, police officers did search his home and seized receipts, trash and pizza boxes.

If Councilman Wingate is convicted of a felony, according to the city charter, he will be kicked of city council. Police Chief Luis Velez says Councilman Wingate could also face jail time. But it's up to the district attorney what charges to pursue... if any.

Springs police should have the results of their investigation to the district attorney's office by Thursday.