Suspicious Pueblo Death

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A 53 year old Pueblo woman who was shot and killed in her car while she drove northbound on Interstate-25 has investigators scratching their heads.

Police are still trying to figure out if it was an accident or if it was suicide.

Police are calling Sunday's death suspicious.

Investigators say, until they can determine exactly what happened to the woman who was driving alone at 8 O'clock Sunday morning, they say, this case will continue to be a mystery.

Bernard's friends and family say they would have never guessed that an early morning drive on Sunday would result in 53 year old Gwendolyn Bernard's death.

A single bullet wound to the head killed her as she drove up the La Junta exit ramp before crashing.

Detective Don Litton of the Pueblo Police Department says, "From what we've been told, you know, through her history everything seems to be fine, that's what makes this such a mystery right now."

Detective Litton says, Bernard had no financial problems or relationship issues that might lead her to suicide.

"It's just kind of leaving us dumbfounded right now it's really kind of hard to piece this thing together right now." says, Litton.

Police are scratching their heads asking themselves, why was she on the highway, where was she going and why so early.

Gwendolyn Bernard was a self employed massage therapist in Pueblo.

She has a 19 year old daughter who also lives in Pueblo.

Police say, it doesn't appear the bullet came from outside the car.

Nor do they believe it was accidental.

But, is it possible the 22 caliber pistol was triggered by the accident?

Detective Litton says, "Any thing's possible."

Forensic tests that could reveal crucial answers are being examined.

Litton says, "We take gun shot residue swabs of the hands."

So that they can see if the pistol was in fact in her hand when the gun went off.

Investigators are asking for help.

If you were a witness to the accident, please call Crime stoppers at 542-STOP.