Baghdad Council Members in Colorado

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Just two days after the capture of Saddam Hussein, four members of the Baghdad City Council met with Colorado Governor Bill Owens. They came to Denver to learn how to set up city and state governments and to see how a democratic system works.

Governor Owens says this could be the start of a great opportunity for both sides. "Actually, hundreds of other Coloradans are there, either in military or civilian capacities. As Baghdad and Iraq rebuild, there will be trade opportunities."

The Baghdad council members say they need help from Colorado and other states to find solutions to their country's problems. All expressed joy over the weekend capture of Saddam Hussein. Councilman Dhari Al-Dhari says democracy is something new for
Iraq and the Iraqis, and they will need help establishing such concepts in Baghdad.

Peter Kenney of the Metro Mayors Caucus arranged for the Denver visit after spending three months in Baghdad working with the city's leaders. Kenney has a contract through the U-S Agency for International Development to train the 37 members of the Baghdad council.